Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medifast Recommitting Day 1

Day 1

Ok so my journey on Medifast starts again and this time I will finish it. I started last January and at first was super motivated. I dropped 40lbs went from 280 to 240 and was really working the program. I lost a lot of will power over time and slipped up time and time again. I’m starting the program again today full force at 266.4 and although I’m very unhappy about that weight at least I’m doing the right thing and recommitting myself again to this program 100%. I’m truly going to give it my all because I’m done being FAT and I’m done being so out of shape that I can’t walk around on vacations without being in pain and wanting to sit down. I’m only 31 I shouldn’t feel 60 and I’m done letting my depression and problems get in the way. Most of you that know me, know that I lost my husband 6 years ago when he was only 24 years old. I’ve since raised our now 7 year old daughter on my own and it has been tough. Before the depression of losing him hit me I was down to 180 and a size 8 and was doing really well. I’m tall so I don’t need to be 120 I’d be a toothpick, I honestly can’t see myself much less than 170 at my height. Anyway, fast forward to today I’m very overweight and very unhappy. My horrible eating habits have trickled over to my daughter and she’s overweight and I don’t want her to live her life the way I did as a heavy child. It’s not fun and it will not be her future I refuse. So here we go. Day 1 through 5 are usually the hardest for me and when we are all hungry, tired and unhappy but that’s okay it’s worth it in the long run. So start weight 9/15/11 is 266.4. I’m going for a 7lb loss the first week, that’s usually when we lose the most. I will weigh in 9/22/11 and update you all. I’ll blog as often as possible and all help, feedback, recipes, advice, support and questions are greatly, greatly appreciated!!!!!!